Ka-Bar Tanto Review

The Ka-Bar Tanto. It’s like two legendary fighters decided to have a baby. The lore surrounding the tanto blade design, its roots in the mystical oriental warrior life of old, combined with the industrial know-how of an American centurion. I have my hands on one, so let’s do a review!

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Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher Review

Before I got a Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher, I don’t know how many bats I’ve broken on the worthless faces of invaders in my home. I’ve lost count. Just when you’re really starting to feel the moment, right when your home invader realises they’ve broken into the wrong place and they’ve tried to rob the wrong guy. Right at the moment when the bat breaks across his face, that’s when the disappointment is most palpable. Continue reading “Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher Review”

How To Survive A Building Collapse

So, you’ve found yourself in a building collapse. Nice going. Shouldn’t you be somewhere else, like, I don’t know, maybe a building that hasn’t collapsed yet? Ok fine, I’ll try to help. Just remember the first bit next time you do something like this. It’s a whole lot easier to get out of situations of which you never see the beginning. That said, you’re not in an impossible situation. Difficult, yes. Also likely fatal. But not entirely impossible. Continue reading “How To Survive A Building Collapse”

Ultra Survivalist’s Guide To The Survival Knife

A lot of people these days seem to think that spending $300 on a knife automatically makes that a superior knife. As though somehow price and value are intrinsically tied. As though they have some sort of correlation! Au contraire my dear, simple people from nowadays. Au contraire. Just like cameras, hands, and family, the best survival knife is the one you’ve got with you. That means a sharpened spoon handle, in the absence of all other knives, IS the best survival knife. You can’t very well use what you don’t even have. But what if you’re given the choice? After all, preparation is 95% of any good survival plan. Given the choice, you’re going to have a variety of good knives from reputable manufacturers to choose from. What about the inevitable anxiety from being overwhelmed by choice? Who is the best knife maker? What’s the best metal to make a knife from? How should the blade be ground? Which thunder god should you battle on the mountain peak to attain your level 100 attack?? Relax. All of these are fair, natural questions that everyone asks at some point in their lives (especially the one about battling a thunder god). Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at what makes a survival knife. Continue reading “Ultra Survivalist’s Guide To The Survival Knife”

Australian Police Foil Terror Attack

An Islamic terrorist attack that was planned against the citizens of Melbourne, Australia, has been foiled by Australian Federal Police in conjuction with Australian Intelligence Network ASIO and Victoria Police. Five men from northern and north western suburbs are in police custody after an early morning raid. Continue reading “Australian Police Foil Terror Attack”

Three Easy Spring Snare Traps

Trapping animals can be a great way of getting your necessary protein if you’re not near a supermarket. Watch as YouTuber Clan Gunn Bushcraft demonstrates some useful snare traps for you to use.

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