Ansel Adams Wilderness

Ansel Adams Wilderness, California

I came across a video of some guy hiking the Ansel Adams Wilderness tonight, and I’d have shared it with you but I got scared the footage was too amateur and second guessed myself into not doing it. Instead, let’s have a look at some pictures from around the Ansel Adams Wilderness and learn some history about it. Having seen so many beautiful landscapes all in one short minute, I’ve decided that I must go to see this wilderness area myself. Visiting the US has limited appeal to me, especially with the choice of presidents the poor Americans face this time around. I don’t often think to myself “I must visit the US,” but on this occasion my mind is made up. I really must.

ansel adams wildnerness


Ansel Adams was an American landscape photographer. I first learned about him when I was trying to get a handle on shooting landscapes. Adams himself was prodigiously skilled at this and his entire catalogue will make your eyes water as you swear never to click a shutter again, such is your unworthiness. It’s a pretty bad feeling to try to learn photography from the best images of the 20th century masters. Anywho, it was Ansel Adams who so impressed on the American public the beauty of American wilderness spaces, and the need to protect those places. Such was his effectiveness as a wilderness advocate that the authorities of the day renamed a national park in his honour.

ansel adams wilderness
Chittenden Lake

The Ansel Adams Wilderness is located in Sierra Nevada, California. It’s got everything – lakes, mountains, mountains with lakes on top of them, and even lakes with mountains coming out of them. Glaciers too. It looks like exactly the kind of place where one could entirely forget about sales quotas and mortgage repayments. There are more than five hundred kilometers of hiking trials in the Ansel Adams Wilderness on which you can hike off your earthly worries. Except if you’re worried about bears – there are bears there.

ansel adams wilderness
Banner Peak and Thousand Island Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness, California

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