Australian Police Foil Terror Attack

An Islamic terrorist attack that was planned against the citizens of Melbourne, Australia, has been foiled by Australian Federal Police in conjuction with Australian Intelligence Network ASIO and Victoria Police. Five men from northern and north western suburbs are in police custody after an early morning raid.

Speaking at a press conference today, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said: “Overnight our police and security agencies have disrupted a very substantial terrorist plot. The Victoria Police, working with the Australian Federal Police and ASIO, have arrested seven persons, five of whom are still in custody, searched five premises and are continuing to search them. What they have uncovered is a plot to explode improvised explosive devices in central Melbourne in the area of Federation Square, on or about Christmas Day.”

I’d like to thank the Australian police departments that contributed to this Islamic terror cell’s defeat on this occasion and congratulate them on their hard work. I just hope that the lunatic leftists who rule in Victoria won’t have the final laugh as they release these terrorists back into society so they can all chant “equality” together. I won’t be surprised if there is little more than a slap on the wrist for these scumbags who plan to murder their fellow citizens en-masse in broad daylight. The Victorian government loves social justice much more than it loves legal justice. The courts have been weakened badly after leftist policies have stripped them of their power bit by bit. Now, weakling lefty judges hand out community service orders for violent migrant criminals, or simply release them into society because punishing black criminals is racist. Have mercy.

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Author: Mikeytronic

Mikey is the founder of Ultra Survivalist. He likes writing about sustainable living, disaster management and preparation, outdoor gear, and wilderness survival techniques.