Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher Review

Before I got a Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher, I don’t know how many bats I’ve broken on the worthless faces of invaders in my home. I’ve lost count. Just when you’re really starting to feel the moment, right when your home invader realises they’ve broken into the wrong place and they’ve tried to rob the wrong guy. Right at the moment when the bat breaks across his face, that’s when the disappointment is most palpable. Like, I really coulda just kept on swingin, y’know? Well, our friends at Cold Steel have made assurances that the good times can indeed go on. They’ve been making unbreakable bats for a good while now. It’s about time I got my hands on one of these Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher bats.

Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher Review

Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher Price

Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher Review

As we can see from the price action over the last year on the Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher, we’ve had what was mostly a strong uptrend, with a massive price spike in early November. For the moment, prices seem to be settling into the US$40+ area. I could draw you a moving average line on this graph, but it would only tell you what you can already see. It’s unlikely that the price will fall further to complete this “head and shoulders” pattern. Similarly unlikely is a full price reversal as the Brooklyn Smasher enters a bear. This is a bull, baby, so buy buy buy.

Brooklyn Smasher Design & Construction

The Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher is pure injection molded polypropylene – a heavy duty plastic. I’ve tried to think of anything else to add here, but short of delving into the chemical composition of polypropylene (something I’m sure no one would appreciate), there’s just not that much else to say about it.Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher Review

Included in the box

  • One Brooklyn Smasher Bat.
  • That’s all.

Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher Review

Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher Look

It’s an all black affair, with some logos and graphics in white paint. These will likely wear off quickly if you put your Brooklyn Smasher through the wringer Cold Steel does on its videos. This bat definitely has presence. It doesn’t look like a toy. Its lines and proportions are similar to any other adult sized baseball bat. It’s imprinted with a wood grain texture.

Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher Review

Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher Feel

It’s heavier than I expected it to be. Being plastic (sorry, polypropylene) I guess I expected it to be easier to swing around. Not so! This one takes some time to get up to full speed. The bat itself weighs 2lb, 7oz or 1.1kg. Thinking of swinging such a small weight around, I imagine it will be easy, light, and probably move too fast for me. Like swinging a newspaper. Instead, the ball is often past me by the time I really get the bat moving. I’ll take the time to note that although I’m strong enough for my size, I’m no kind of baseballer. The wood grain texture ads a bit of grip but long sessions might be aided by some cloth tape.

Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher Review

Using the Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher is like

The Brooklyn Smasher certainly feels unbreakable when you swing it. For the purposes for which it was designed, this bat should indeed prove to be unbreakable. It wouldn’t break if it was hitting human bodies, or base balls. Some reviewers complained that their Brooklyn Smashers have given up the ghost when being used on steel fence posts or car bodies for nine hour sessions. I can only call this foolishness. If you used any other sporting good / self defensive weapon for such an ignorant purpose, it would also die.

Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher Review

This is Cold Steel’s promo video of them abusing their Brooklyn Smasher, while the bat itself looks unruffled by everything except supporting the weight of a car on its middle.

Good For

  • Hitting baseballs and (presumably) people.

Bad For

  • Indefinite destruction sessions against car bodies and steel fence posts.

Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher Review

Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher Review Conclusion

If you need a sporting bat that’s guaranteed not to give up in the heat of the game, you should consider the Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher. If you need a comforting weight at the foot of your bed, this is also a great option. I can think of things that are easier to swing in self defensive situations though…but maybe all I need to do is work on my arm strength.

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