Ultra Survivalist’s Guide To The Survival Knife

A lot of people these days seem to think that spending $300 on a knife automatically makes that a superior knife. As though somehow price and value are intrinsically tied. As though they have some sort of correlation! Au contraire my dear, simple people from nowadays. Au contraire. Just like cameras, hands, and family, the best survival knife is the one you’ve got with you. That means a sharpened spoon handle, in the absence of all other knives, IS the best survival knife. You can’t very well use what you don’t even have. But what if you’re given the choice? After all, preparation is 95% of any good survival plan. Given the choice, you’re going to have a variety of good knives from reputable manufacturers to choose from. What about the inevitable anxiety from being overwhelmed by choice? Who is the best knife maker? What’s the best metal to make a knife from? How should the blade be ground? Which thunder god should you battle on the mountain peak to attain your level 100 attack?? Relax. All of these are fair, natural questions that everyone asks at some point in their lives (especially the one about battling a thunder god). Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at what makes a survival knife. Continue reading “Ultra Survivalist’s Guide To The Survival Knife”

Ten Great Uses For A Bandana

No, no, no. I’m not going to do 5000 ways to use a bandana just because SuperSurvivalBlog did it. Because you know what? Those guys spent 100 list items on different things you can tie with a bandana. I get it – you can use a bandana to tie things. But for me, I’m just going to give ten genuinely useful things bandana can do. Having a large cloth square in your everyday carry inventory is great because they’re so versatile and pack down so easily. You could carry two and not even notice. Anyway, let’s get started on that list shall we?

1. Headband / Hat / Neckband / Neck shade.

"Yo fuh real bro. Tellin you alls ya have to do is yell at the babes and they'll be begging to take their phone numbers yo."
“Yo fuh real bro. Tellin you alls ya have to do is yell at the babes out the window of yo’ whip and they’ll be begging to take their phone numbers yo.”

Sweat in your eyes can make anything difficult. Personally, being under full sun sets my moon-tan ablaze. A bandana can be a hat if you tie the corners, which will shield your bald head from the sun’s fury. If you soak it, a bandana can be a cooling neckband to keep the desert madness from taking you early.

2. Face mask.

Beware though – wearing a bandana face mask *MAY* cause you to automatically become a drug dealer. Yes, even in the middle of a dust storm.

Sometimes you’re the bad guy doing something bad. Sometimes you’re the good guy doing something the cops can’t do. Sometimes you’re not the hero people want – you’re the hero they need.

In a fire or dust storm, the bandana facemask can be a lifesaver. This can be made more effective with some water. A damp cloth really helps filter air.

3. Sling or splint tie.

maxresdefault (1)

A large enough bandana can be used to give comfort to someone with a broken bone. Tying a leg to a splint is very difficult without anything to tie with, but try getting an arm in a sling. A bandana is almost too versatile for its own good! Almost.

4. Extra carry pocket.

missile house

Say you find some extra gil or a potion after you beat a house that fires missiles in a sword fight. Say that happens ok? Just say it. You’re gonna need something to carry gil and potions with, aren’t you? Bundle it all up in your handy bandana and be on your way.

5. Macro filter for water.

Filter water with a bandana

It won’t make brown water clear, or get toxins / viruses / bacteria out of the water. It’ll get sand and twigs out though. Frogs too.

6. Mini-towel. 

Getting rained on is never this enjoyable.

Sometimes atmospheric conditions result in humidity condensing in the upper atmosphere and precipitating into increasingly large droplets of water. Forced downward by gravity, these droplets are a prime cause of wetness that, if allowed to remain on your face, will take entire minutes to dry again. Save yourself the pain and frustration of air-drying by carrying a bandana. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that you can dry yourself at any time.

7. Trail or location marker.

Bandana trail marker

If you’ve come past the bandana on a tree three times already, you need to think about how to stop going in circles. Because in all seriousness, it is easier than one thinks to lose one’s bearings in unfamiliar forests.

8. Attention-getting flag.

Hitch hiker
You got 50:50 odds she’s not a serial killer. As an aside – if hitch hiker was a single word it’d have a double ‘h’. That would make it the only word in the English language besides ‘withhold’ to do that. I know right?

If you need a distress signal or to flag down a passing motorist, a bandana can do what your socks can do AND you can keep your shoes on. As an added bonus, a bandana won’t run out of batteries. As an added negative, they’re literally useless for flagging at night time.

9. Tying things together.

When this dog decided on hobo life, he also came to understand the utility of a bandana. Credit – lovedbyacollie.com

Your shoelaces need to stay where they are and you don’t have enough time this week to braid a rope from your own hair. But that bandana could hold together some sticks, or a joint in your shelter, or even the wrists of your captured foe.

10. Caveman’s Blackjack.

Weapons don’t come much cheaper.

You think you need to drop $200 for an effective everyday carry weapon? Heckle no, senor. Just stick a rock in that there bandana, tie all four corners, and swing it with all your might. You’ll want to practice though, because self-castration is a very real possibility with weapons of this sort.

So there you have it – ten real world uses for one cheap, simple, easy-to-carry item. The bandana is indeed as versatile as it is kinda white trash. But all games aside, you ought to pack at least one in your everyday carry bag.

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